6 Exercises Fitness For BodyBuilding At-Home

Physical fitness refers to a set of physical activities that improve physical condition. Discover 6 fitness exercises to do at home to build muscle and lose weight.

Fitness has become, in a few years, one of the most practiced disciplines in the world. It is simple, you can practice it anywhere and especially at any time.

There are a lot of strength training exercises, let’s discover together the 6 fitness exercises that should not be missed. Doing fitness exercises from home is possible. Here are the practical tips to make them safe and risk of injury.

1. Make sure the floor does not slide to avoid falls

2. Take off your jewelry

3. Prepare your water bottle

4. Prepare your carpet

The 6 fitness exercises that follow will allow you to work your entire body, targeting a very specific muscle.



This exercise, well known to everyone and especially girls, allows you to work your thighs and glutes for you ladies.

Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, flex your legs by pushing your buttocks back, making sure your knees don’t extend beyond the tip of your foot. Then push the heels back to the starting position without locking the knees.

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

This new exercise is ideal for working your glutes.

Lying on your back, with your feet on the floor far from your pelvis, palms on the floor. Raise your pelvis and then return to the starting position without resting your buttocks on the floor.


This torture exercise works the abdominal muscles and iliac psoas. Sitting on the floor mat, chest tilted back, resting on your forearms, stretching your legs, then bringing your knees closer to your chest. The feet never touch the ground.

 Front Plank

Front Plank

If you want to have a flat stomach, the lining will become your best physical exercise. The exercise works the abdominal and back muscles. Resting on the forearms and toes, lift the pelvis so there is an alignment between the head, back, and pelvis and hold the position.


Probably one of the best muscle building exercises to work the upper body, work the biceps, triceps, pecs, and deltoids. A complete and effective exercise to build muscle at home.

Resting on the arms, hands spread at shoulder level, feet slightly apart, fold your arms, and then return to the starting position.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips, a basic exercise in bodybuilding, allows you to work your triceps and pecs with ease, anywhere, and with simple support.

Back in a chair or a container, resting on the hands, feet shoulder-width apart, legs stretched and tight, buttocks are empty and only heels are on the floor. Bend your arms to lower your buttocks, then back off.

The most important thing to see a quick change is the regularity of your workouts, without neglecting the moments of rest.