7 Best Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

Top Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

Exercise is one of the pillars of weight loss, you should eat well, exercise as part of your routine, work hard on your workouts and find a workout you enjoy. If you can achieve each of these goals, you have a good chance of losing weight.

Not all exercises are created equal, so there are certain exercises that will help you lose weight more effectively. Keep in mind that if you haven’t exercised regularly, you should start slowly and grow.

You may not be able to physically perform some of these 7 exercises, but you can follow the intensity suggestions that accompany each exercise.


Women’s Health recommends jumping rope as a great fat burner. If you can jump at 100 jumps per minute, you will burn between 600 and 800 calories per hour. As a secondary benefit, it tones the entire body.

Your rope should be long enough so that the handles are at the shoulder level when the loop hits the ground. Jump on the rope. Jump a minute, rest and start again. Increase your time and speed. Very speed and intensity for optimal effect.


As we mentioned earlier, squats are a great workout for the whole body. They’re great for toning your lower body and building overall strength, often called “the king of compound leg exercises” for their impact on quads, glutes, and hamstrings. But they will also work your heart and your back, especially when you make the bet and hold a weight in your hands while you execute them.


Yes, this pillar of physical fitness is truly one of the best compound exercises you can do. Ideal if you are looking for compound triceps exercises, the pressures are very easy to master and chances are you already know them. By using multiple muscle groups to perform, you’ll get a great workout with lots of calories burned and your blood pumping. Expect to see great results for your shoulders, chest, heart, and hips

Exercises That Will Help You  Weight Loss

Weight Training

Strength training strengthens the muscles and burns fat. It also increases your resting metabolism and helps you burn calories even when you are not training. Train three times a week and change your repetitions or weight see every month.

For example, lift 20 pounds and three sets of fifteen, then increase the weight by five pounds and decrease to three sets of ten, then decrease the weight by five pounds and increase to three sets of 20.

Boxing Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight


Boxing is a form of interval training in which you cannot entice date intervals, making it more difficult. Learning to hit correctly uses your heart and arms.

Train for 120 seconds and rest for 25 seconds. Working with other people is a lot of fun and a good teacher will keep you moving and motivated.

Boxing is more than just standing and hitting. There is a lot of movement, dodging and weaving, or as the boxer, Ali said, “move like a butterfly.


The least demanding team training exists. Just make sure your shoes are of good quality! Vary your running speed or use slopes to increase your training.

The dreaded treadmill and elliptical machines are great for an indoor race that lets you add hills. Engage glutes and thigh muscles to burn additional calories.

If you can turn, climb hills, change your speed, and you can still train in age or injury-appropriate training.


A lunge uses the large leg and buttock muscles for maximum calorie burn. Start with your feet hip-width apart and your hands on your hips. Go forward with one leg.

Keep your back straight, lower your body to a 90-degree angle between your front and back legs. Go straight up and back up. Do it again with the other leg. Do ten times on one side for three sets.

If you can’t get to the end, do what you can. You will see an improvement over time

If you’d like a little help getting started with these compound exercises, find a gym near you or just praxis at your home and Eat the right food, that means cutting calories and making sure all calories work for you, not against you. Find something you love to do and stick with it.

Vary the intensity of your workout both in your workout and in what you do. Use the big muscle to your advantage. Your butt, thighs, and heart must be involved for maximum fat burning.