6 Best Foods for Eye Health care

Best Foods for Eye Health care

Do your eyes have all the nutrients they need to help prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other vision problems??

we show you the best sources of vitamins and antioxidants are whole foods since they can be a combination of nutrients from a food that has a synergistic effect.


Thanks to its rich composition of pigments, beta-carotene, and vitamins, this food is beneficial for eye health because it protects against loss of visual acuity and UV rays. To put at the heart of your menus, alone or as an accompaniment, in salads or cooked, several times a week.

Carrots is a Best Foods for Eye Health care


the carrot is full of beta carotene, an antioxidant that is a precursor to vitamin A and pigments that protect the retina, especially against the appearance of cataracts. Watch out for deficiencies that can cause a decrease in visual acuity. To cook cooked several times a week.

oranges and tangerines

Like all citrus fruits, these fruits that are found almost all year round are rich in vitamins C. Very useful antioxidants known to protect the cornea and lens of the eye, as well as to help prevent cataracts. A disease that appears with age and, in particular, causes glare at night.

Salmon is a Best Foods for Eye Health care


Your retinas need two types of omega-3 fatty acids to function properly: DHA and EPA. You can find them in fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, and trout, as well as other seafood. Omega-3s also seem to protect your eyes from AMD and glaucoma. Low levels of these fatty acids have been linked to dry eyes.

Sweet potatoes

These orange tubers are a good source of beta carotene. Your body converts beta carotene to vitamin A, a nutrient that helps prevent dry eyes and night blindness. Beta carotene and vitamin A can also help reduce the risk of eye infections. the eyes’ ability to adapt to darkness A sweet potato also contains more than half the vitamin C it needs in a day and a little vitamin E.

Aren’t sweet potatoes your favorite? For beta carotene, try other deep orange foods, such as carrots and butternut squash, as well as dark green foods like spinach and kale. Liver, milk, and eggs are other excellent sources of vitamin A.

Green Tea for Eye health care

Green Tea

One cup of green tea is more than relaxing and delicious: its antioxidants can help keep your eyes healthy. Green tea contains healthy substances called catechins, which are responsible for its antioxidant properties. Other foods rich in catechins include red wine, chocolate, Ginger, berries, apples, Lemons.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and increases your metabolism. It’s nutrient-dense and some of the benefits it offers include better mood, controlled cravings, better brain function,