What foods to avoid before sleeping

Everyone has a snack before bed, but is it reasonable? Can we eat what we want before bed? What foods should be avoided before sleeping?

Who has never wanted to get out of bed for a snack? Who has never eaten a package of potato chips in front of your series or movie?

Everyone has already faced this type of situation, is it reasonable to give in to the refreshment call before going to bed? Can we pay for everything?

Eating right before bed is really not recommended, why?

– This is the time of day that the body stores the most. If you eat too much at night, you will gain weight and your body will absorb all the bad fats faster.

– You run the risk of having stomach pain, feeling bloated and therefore having trouble sleeping. It is a vicious circle because, if you have difficulty sleeping, your metabolism will be difficult to start and your digestion will be slower.

These are the foods you should banish from your dinner to ensure restful sleep.

foods to avoid before sleeping


Coffee or other caffeinated drinks, such as some soft drinks, are prohibited before bedtime. Since caffeine is a stimulant, you will have trouble falling asleep after consuming it! It is even advisable to stop drinking it from 4 p.m., since it takes at least 5 hours for the body to assimilate caffeine. Instead, opt for a ginger tea to help you digest or a chamomile tea.


Alcohol is dehydrated, if you consume it you can wake up during the night to drink and therefore disturb your sleep. Also, your sleep will not be restful at all … A small glass of wine is always pleasant during food and is tolerated, but be careful, wait at least 2 hours between this glass and bedtime.


French fries, donuts, spring rolls, and other popular fried foods are not recommended for dinner. The fat in the fry can cause cramps and heartburn, not to mention the thirst for salt in these foods.

Bedtime is when your body stores the most, so it can also store all the fat.

Spicy food

Avoid eating Thai or Indian at night! Spicy food causes heartburn and makes digestion difficult, especially if you’re not used to it!


Sweets and other sweets do not mix well with sleep. They are not good for health and even less before bed. Forget the package of sweets in bed, on the one hand it is bad for the teeth, and on the other hand, the sugar, especially white because it is refined, is part of the quick sugar. In other words, it energizes your body quickly and in the short term. If you consume it before bed, you will have trouble falling asleep and your body will tend to repair fat

Cabbage and other vegetables rich in fiber

Even if they’re great for health, fiber-rich vegetables will cause bloating, so even if it’s the promise of a forced visit to the bathroom upon waking up, watch out for odors under the duvet!

Soft drinks and soft drinks

Certainly, you have already noticed that your tummy swells after drinking soda or soft drinks, this bloating is of course the result of the gas contained in these drinks and it causes bloating.

Also, soft drinks contain sugar, sometimes caffeine, which, as explained above, is very bad for sleep and the body. As for carbonated drinks, they are sometimes rich in salt, which will make you very thirsty at night. Mistrust, therefore.

Chinese Food

Chinese food contains amino acids that have the same effect on the body as caffeine, which is exciting!

Fatty food

Pizza, french fries, bacon, hamburgers … are foods full of fats, not only will it take longer to digest and disturb your sleep, but also, these fats will be stored directly by your body …

Oats and other cereals rich in fiber

Prefer these cereals in the morning, because at night, you may feel the need to go to the bathroom.

Food and sleep are linked, but other factors come into play: avoid doing too much physical activity at night, sleeping in a room that is too cold or too hot, keeping your socks on, and spending too much time in front of a screen.

But then what to eat?

The sleep hormone is serotonin, which promotes sleep. Certain foods will promote the synthesis of this hormone, while others will have the consequences of disturbing sleep.

Red meat

Red meat is rich in protein and fat, these two characteristics cause difficulties during digestion because it is done more slowly. If you eat red meat before bedtime, you may have stomach cramps and thus disturb your sleep. It looks like you may even have nightmares!

In order for your diet to give you restful sleep, you need to look for foods rich in tryptophan. It is an amino acid that works with serotonin, here is the non-exhaustive list:

– The milk products

– Poultry

– Starchy foods such as pasta, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and potatoes

– Hot drinks such as herbal teas, rooibos, hot lemon …