How to have beautiful skin, Some Tips

With all external aggressions such as pollution and the sun or simply with the stress of everyday life, our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like. Applying a simple day cream cannot guarantee a flawless skin texture. So how do you regain a perfect complexion? Here are tips and tricks for extraordinary shine.

How to have beautiful skin,

Adapt your diet

The impact of food on the skin can no longer be proven. But between the repeated snapshots between friends and the advice given by the grandmothers, we no longer know where to turn. The first tip to follow is simple: drink plenty of water (and reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible). On the refrigerator side, eat raw vegetables without moderation because they contain the essential combination of vitamins and fiber.

Our Tips: In summer, we increase our consumption of foods rich in beta-carotene such as apricots, melons, and even red peppers. They will help maintain the glow of our skin and even improve our tan.

Choose a suitable routine

To fight blemishes daily, it is important and even essential to tailor your beauty routine to your skin type and problems. Therefore, the first thing to determine is whether you have combination, oily, or dry skin. Then we focus on the details we want to correct: wrinkles, acne pimples, sunspots … Then we choose your cleanser, serum, and cream accordingly.

Facial massage

Maintaining a healthy epidermis means giving it more tone. The effective technique to relax the characteristics, prevent wrinkles, and lighten the complexion? Self-massage of the face. When we apply our cream every morning, we use our thumbs to create skin movements from the inside out of the cheekbones. On the forehead and cheeks, light pressure is applied as small pinches to stimulate microcirculation.

Don’t leave the area

The skin does not age the same way in all areas of the face. Cupid’s eye area, neck, or arch (between the nose and mouth) have thinner skin than elsewhere, so it requires more attention. Be careful, you should not put more cream in this place but a different and specific product for the area.

Think about the scrub

To restore skin radiance, exfoliation is essential. It removes dead cells and allows the dermis to regenerate in beauty. This “beautiful skin” gesture, which should be taken once or twice a week, should be tailored to your skin type and problems. However, like its body version, it is recommended for everyone!

Our tip: enjoy a facial scrub at an institute or cosmetic doctor. The process similar to that of the deeper exfoliant allows the skin to literally regain a second youth. If you don’t have acne or scar problems, prefer a mild intensity more suited to your needs.

Using natural methods

Cosmetics are not the only beautiful agents for the skin. Nature enthusiasts rely on some clever ingredients that would work wonders for the beauty of the dermis. At the top of your list: vegetable oils. From the hazelnut oil, from the olive oil to the (rarer) of the prickly pear seeds, they would act as beauty masks on our face. Another exceptional ingredient: aloe vera. In the treatment with juice or pure gel, it hydrates, softens, and even fills!

Use it at night to heal your skin

If during the day the skin reacts mainly to protect itself from external aggressions … at night, take the opportunity to recover and repair itself! Studies show that the multiplication of the epidermal cells is optimal at 1 in the morning. It is for these reasons that it is necessary to privilege the application of specific care for the beauty of your skin before going to bed. Night cream or mask, we find the products that suit us best by trying them over a period of a few weeks.

protect your skin from the sun

In summer, the sun seems like an obvious attack on the skin. But it is not only this season that we must be cautious. Throughout the year, the face should be protected with products containing an effective SPF. UV rays are extremely dangerous for the dermis and accelerate its aging. Inevitably, we adapt protection according to exposure, but keep in mind that it is really essential.

Our tip: excluding holidays or lunch in the sun on the terrace, we use makeup that contains light sunscreen so as not to overload our skin with sunscreens.

Don’t touch their buttons

It is the quintessential bad habit. When a pimple appears on our face and we start grinding it, we only risk bringing in additional bacteria. Then an infection can be triggered and the blemish will take twice as long to go away. Is this really what we want?

Our tip: Is your skin particularly prone to repeated blemishes at this time? Go to an institute that can offer you a purifying facial treatment that is more effective than any product you can try at home. The place tested and approved

Never miss the make-up removal step

Removing makeup is a step to never skip your beauty routine! It allows the skin to breathe better without obstructing the impurities accumulated during the day. For an effective ritual, it is advisable to start with the eyes and mouth with a specific product (for these more sensitive areas) and finish with the complexion. A pschitt of thermal water is also recommended at the end of makeup removal. On the texture side, find the one that suits your skin: gel or foam for oily skin, oil, or milk for others.