tips to lose weight without starving

How to lose weight fast and well?

Impossible to give a single answer. Three main tips are the origin of most weight loss programs, but criteria such as experience, motivation, availability, age, sex, and personality impose specific responses when you want to lose weight. without medication, without a rigorous diet, and without much effort.

tips to lose weight without starving

3 essential tips to lose weight without starving

The best diet to lose weight does not exist, but the various training solutions to lose weight without a diet or, at least, without depriving yourself excessively and staying healthy, are based on 3 simple guidelines that act in synergy. These three tips should be followed together to lose fat and get closer to your ideal weight. So what makes you lose weight safely and sustainably? …

1 Having fun while moving is essential first

The first tip is the essential trigger for the weight loss process. It is necessary to practice physical activity with pleasure to burn calories and reconcile with your body fully expressing its potential. The production of endorphins during physical exercise and the reduction of cortisol, the main stress hormone, have a very favorable effect on weight loss. The chosen sport does not matter, but it is preferable that it is practiced in a group made up of people with very different physical profiles for the provided emulation, the motivation generated, and the well-being.

2 We must also eat healthy avoiding processed products

The second tip is about calorie and mineral intake. It is important to have a diet, certainly low in calories, but especially based on the principles of the Cretan diet and excluding fast sugars. It should be based on unprocessed products from organic agriculture that are richer in nutrients and more nutritious than so-called refined products, but in fact impoverished in the food industry. Ideally, this diet program should be based on the advice and follow-up of a qualified professional to avoid losing weight too quickly, which is harmful in the long term.

3 Finally, you need to develop muscles, stretches and massages to increase metabolism

The third tip guarantees long-term physical health. It is advisable to practice specific moderate-intensity muscle exercises daily without excessive effort at first to re-tone and then at high intensity to increase resting metabolism. Therefore, we participate in a healthy and active lifestyle until very old age. The bodybuilding program complements the chosen sports activity. It does not replace it. Stretching and rolling massages facilitate lymphatic and synovial circulation, which is as beneficial in stimulating basal metabolism as it is in reducing chronic pain, such as back pain and osteoarthritis, due to sedentary lifestyles.